The Paper Free Office identifies, acquires and integrates the world’s leading business software along with custom designed and integrated processes to do three things in a business:

1) Save money
2) Increase customer satisfaction
3) Improve staff efficiency

The Paper Free Office ensures that your office can increase productivity, satisfaction and optimise success with a complete cloud-based software package. Best of all, we guarantee savings for your company. You can enjoy secure and remote access from anywhere in the world on numerous devices, including tablets, computers and mobile phones.

Business leaders and staff will be able to focus on their core business rather than search for old documents. The productivity gains are astounding - fast access to everything, anywhere, anytime, and massively efficient business processes.

Administration staff will be amazed with the new processes and better tools to allow them to be more successful in the workplace. Being able to readily access the client's information will in turn increase customer service by providing quicker much more consistent service.

Vital customer information such as contracts, invoices, warranties, proposals and customer relations information are stored on the cloud, which is not only more readily accessible, but also safer than storing information on-site due to internal and external risk factors.

Brisbane Office

Level 3, 571 Adelaide Street
Brisbane CBD QLD 4000
Phone: (07) 3555 8470
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Innovare Group Mission

"To do the best we can for our clients, and for our people, in everything that we do."

Our consultants will analyse every aspect of your business, devise an appropriate management strategy, and gear your company towards success. Not only do we find solutions, but we have our own contractors that help implement these strategies.