• Brand Development

    So you have a fantastic brand, that talks to your clientele on an emotional level and is going to make your business into a powerhouse of the industry. We have a couple of tips on what to do with your brand to make sure it succeeds in helping all of your dreams come true.

    Tip 1. Resonance

    People don’t connect with products. People don’t connect with businesses. People connect with values and personality. A powerful brand is all about emotional connection. We are talking about the actual personality types of your own business and brand.

    A brand is about engaging your target market, on an emotive level. People don't make connections with products or a certain business, they make connections to values and personality. A strong brand creates a vibrant and meaningful connection that is powered by emotion. Nourish the personality of your brand and people will connect with your company on a totally new level.

    Innovare will help you discover the values and identity of your brand that will resonate most with your customers.

    Tip 2. Continuity

    Once you have developed a brand that resonates with your customers you need to stick with it. Branding needs to be consistent. Everything needs to be consistent across all applications whether you are looking at your website, tv ads, store signage, staff uniforms and everything else in between, both internally and externally.

    Once your customers have a brand that they connect with on an emotional level, you have won the first half of the battle. Now you need to stick to your guns. Continuity will keep your company image in your clients mind, this is acheived by ensuring every aspect of your company reflects your impeccable brand. Staff uniforms, website, signage, sponsorships, TV ads or anything else that speaks to the public is a vessel for your message to resonate with potential customers.

    Innovare will help you with this by creating a set of rules for you to adhere to, for the sake of your public image, these include style guides, typography, exlusion zones, fonts, colour/mono and portrait/landscape versions of your logo, imagery and anything else that may apply to your company.

    Tip 3. - Integration

    We have a brand that resonates with our customers. We have the rules to know how to use our brand visually. Ready to go? Not quite. There is more to a brand than just visuals. A truly good brand can be integrated into everything, including that precious non-tangible ‘Staff Culture’. Your business has to live and breathe your brand values and that includes the people.

    Tip 4. Repetition

    Let Chilli help you “Put it out there!”

    We put it out there in the eyes, ears and brains of your customers, and then we do it again, and again and again. In fact, we never stop putting your brand out there.

    McDonalds and Coca Cola don’t ever stop branding! Nor should you.

    Tip 5. Deliver

    Continue to DELIVER on your brand promise. This step gets forgotten all too often. Do not disappoint your customers out there. You have worked so hard to get them to connect with you and notice you. If you don’t deliver you may not get a second chance.

    Don't forget about DELIVERING on the big promises that your customers have become hooked on. All too often a business will build up an image that they then fail to live up to. DO NOT DISAPPOINT! You may only get one chance with a customer and if it fails to impress you will be detracting from all the hard work you have put in to making your brand.

    Don't ever underestimate the power of your brand, it can and will provide great benefits to your business, with a little bit of effort. Even a tired old brand can be brought back to life with a little TLC.


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